General Background

Winner & Mandabach Campaigns is a full-service, national consulting firm that specializes solely in ballot measure campaigns – including initiatives, referenda, constitutional amendments and bond measures. W&M produces and oversees all aspects of ballot measure campaigns, including strategic planning, advertising, direct mail, phone banks, public opinion research, online/social media, earned media and grassroots activities.

"At Winner & Mandabach, we're proud of the pioneering work we've done in the ballot measure field. From the beginning, we recognized that the dynamics of ballot measure campaigns differ significantly from candidate elections. Over the course of 160 campaigns, our firm has developed and refined winning methodologies that address those differences."

- Paul Mandabach, President, Winner & Mandabach Campaigns

The firm has developed unique methodologies in the ballot measure field, including customized approaches to the development of ballot measure strategies, opinion research, advertising production and placement, media testing, earned media strategies and coalition building. The firm has produced and tested more than 1,400 television advertisements for ballot measures.

W&M has more ballot measure experience than any other firm in the nation, with a 90% win record on over 160 ballot measure campaigns – including city, county and state referenda, initiatives, constitutional amendments and bond measures. The firm has managed and consulted on campaigns in 28 states, in all regions of the country. W&M has also consulted on issues in Europe and Asia.

W&M is the only firm in the country that has passed such a large number of ballot measures. Since 1990, the firm has won over 50 YES ballot measure votes, which are historically much more difficult to win than NO votes.

The firm has directed campaigns for clients of every size and sector on a wide variety of issues, including energy, biotechnology, taxation, bonds, health care, food and agriculture, government regulation, education, transportation, banking, gaming, high technology, insurance, mining, packaging, solid waste, telecommunications, stem cell research, water and the environment.